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What does a Jedi binary release contain?

Every binary release contains :
  • Precompiled binaries for Jedi and Jazz.
  • Complete source code of Jedi and Jazz.
  • A local copy of the Jedi .git sources repository.
  • A local copy of the Jazz .git sources repository.

To install a binary release, simply extract it anywhere you want and then launch
  • the Jazz kernel: bin/kernel or
  • the Jedi IDE: bin/jedi
See Installation for step by step tutorials of the installation process for each platform.

Note that as Jedi binary releases contain a complete Jazz runtime environment they can be a great way to experiment with the Jazz language and platform.

Keeping up-to-date

As a binary release includes the local .git sources repositories, you can pull the latest version at any time and then use ./jaz to update your binaries (see Building for details). Note that the build system will only build files that changed since the release.

Jedi Binary Releases

Jedi 2.6

Mac OS X